Compass Mentoring

FAYAP are proud to be part of the Compass Mentoring scheme which offers support to voluntary participants of up to 18 yrs of age who want support with an aspect of their life. Compass Mentoring Many young people have mild mental health issues or are just struggling to cope with all that life throws at them; it might be bereavement, loss of family, bullying, poor social skills or any number of other issues. Sadly the statutory bodies cannot help, either because of the huge number in need, failure to meet criteria or because the waiting list is too long that actual support takes weeks and months or is offered to late. What is Compass Mentoring? It is mentoring for young people age 11-18 years old, who are struggling with a variety of issues and who are without the support of any kind or who have some support but this is not really working. With Compass Mentoring the young person sets their agenda and goals and this caters for those falling outside statutory intervention. The Compass Mentoring volunteer mentors are not experts but they are available to walk for a set period of time with a young person while they (the young person) re-orientate their lives. Often mentors are able to identify a need missed by many just by talking and sharing.
From my experience you offer a professional and caring service to a wide range of students...  Your always available to talk to and the mentors seem to do a great job relating to and working with all students, including some from our vulnerable groups.' LW Head Of Year (Teacher)'Compass Mentoring, its something where you can express your feelings with them listening and be comfortable.' Mentee Oct 2013
'Seeing my mentor helps me because it makes me feel strong and not fall apart.' Mentee Sept 2013
'My confidence has improved and I have been able to invite friends out.'Mentee June 2013
  We are currently working with 6 young people and have capacity for a few more. Call 07831 843 922 or email for further information on being a mentee or a volunteer mentor.

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